Saturday, February 22, 2014

The Story of Color Theory

You might have seen recently that Studio Calico have released a new line called "Color Theory" which I think is an extraordinarily good idea. It expands on the Essentials line that was just released at CHA. What they've done is choose 12 core colours and then created a range of embellishments, paper and ink in each of them. Let me show you some examples...

These are the new release ink pads - one for each of the 12 core colours. They've got such cute names too, like Yes Peas, Well Red, Mint Hint and Deja Blue! I can't wait for these to land on my doorstep. I was lucky enough to order them when they were available as a set, now you have to buy them individually.... but it's not difficult to put all 12 of them in your cart ;-)

And here's the paper pack. It's designed by Tim & Beck (the creative genius' behind Sassafras, and now a brand in their own name) and it's got a subtle polka-dot pattern through it, so it's not completely plain. 

I'm lucky enough to already have a selection of the Essentials collection though... a whole great big jumble of delightfully bright and colourful embellishments. Yep there's sequins, alphabets, buttons and enamel dots amongst others. The idea is that you can then mix and match, or choose a colour to suit the project that you're working on at the time.

One of my weaknesses in scrapbooking (which I've openly admitted here before) is that I'm just not very good at coming up with my own colour combinations. You heard me talking just the other day about how scared I am of monochrome layouts right? With no graphics or art degree behind me I never learned proper colour theory, or what the 'rules' are. I just go with what I think looks good. Unfortunately that doesn't always work out for the best!! That's why I love scrapping with kits so much... because then someone who knows what they're doing has already decided for me what colours will look good together. Not even joking!

When Studio Calico announced that the March class was going to be "Color Studio" I signed up straight away. I'm pretty sure it's going to be one of the most useful classes I'll ever take! Lisa Truesdell is a genius when it comes to colour combinations and I can't wait to gain a tiny slice of her knowledge. What I'm also looking forward to is the way she's going to apply this to approaching kit work too. I watched this video here and it got me very excited! Oh the possibilities!

If you want to join me in the classroom then you'll need to sign up real soon as the enrollment closes on Feb 28th so we can start on March 4th. Apart from all the lessons, PDF's and videos there's also bonus digital cutting files, stamps, planner pages and printables. Some of which I might have already pre-emptively cut and printed ;-) Find out all the info here.



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