Friday, February 14, 2014

The Story of my "Failures"

I've been having quite a lot of scrappy success lately. If you're a reader here you'll know that I've been blessed to have been offered some amazing opportunities this year. If someone had told me a few months ago that I would be a Scrapbooking Memories Master, be on the Studio Calico Creative Team, as well as continuing as a Jenni Bowlin Ambassador I wouldn't have believed them. I'm also lucky to be a Guest Designer for Kellie Stamps, and I've got more amazing Guest Designer news to reveal later this month too!! This is not supposed to be taken as me gloating, but rather so you can appreciate the contrast I'm about to share.

You see, I realised that even though I've openly shared all the good news here, I haven't been as up front with everything else. I guess what doesn't always reach blogging status is the 'failures'. Failures is actually most definitely the wrong word. I do NOT believe that if you apply for a Design Team and you're not offered the position that you're a failure. There's plenty of reasons why you might not have been chosen (this time around) and none of them have anything to do with the value of your work. So let's be more honest about these things... don't you agree?

Let me start the ball rolling.
Late last year I applied for the Elle's Studio Design Team, and I didn't get it. I also applied for the Glitz Design Team, and I didn't get it. I submitted layouts for publication and they weren't picked up.
There. That wasn't so bad ;-)
I don't apply for everything going around. I only apply for positions where I believe the product is something I would otherwise pay for, product that I use already, product that fits my style. I think that's only fair. And not being accepted isn't something I take personally. I don't feel offended or rejected. And you better believe I'm going to try again when the call comes around again!

So here I am sharing one of the pages I made for my Elle's Studio submission. It came together easily because all of these supplies I already had in my stash. It's mainly from the Cameron line. Stamps and tags... my favourite! The page features a photo of my sister and her family celebrating their new baby. Love their creative photoshoot hey?

Well what do you say? Anyone else got anything they'd like to get out into the open? It's very therapeutic!!



  1. LOL... I think this year you can safely rest on your laurels & feel quietly satisfied that ur achievements outrank ur 'failures'!!!! Luckily for me, I was a writer long before being a scrapper, & believe you me, as a writer, rejections become as normal as sauce on sausages. In fact, you soon learn to NOT take it personally...takes a bit...but I must say this has stood me in good stead when applying for DT positions. And I'm sooo with you on only applying for teams that are a good fit..although I must say, taking on something if you're asked that is not your usual stuff can be a really fun experience to 'stretch' ones creativity!!!!! Right. Bit too deep & deep.....GREAT page...BTW....I applied for this one too!!!;);)

  2. LOL Well given that it takes me on average 4-6 years/times of trying with every team I apply for and that u dont see a lot of my stuff in the mags i think u get my rejection picture! Whilst logically i agree with what u say I confess I still cry on the inside :) :) :)

  3. Thank you so much for sharing this layout and the story. I'm quite new scrapbooker and only applied to couple of teams. Still lately I have been questioning if I'm good enough and do I have enough original ideas. Your blog post really helped and supported me in a way :) And I think your work is magnificient, just love your style and I see you as one of my favorite scrappers!

  4. I agree there are plenty of reason one may not be chosen. You're the best!

  5. A beautiful layout. I have to agree with Lizzy on this one though - your successes have far outweighed your 'failures'!! You have an incredible eye for detail. Love it.

  6. This post is exactly what I needed to hear at the moment, thank you


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