Tuesday, February 18, 2014

The Story of My Monochrome Fear

I'm sharing this layout today over on the Jenni Bowlin Studio blog. You can see it here! But meanwhile I thought I would share some different thoughts about it here on my blog too.

Do you think this counts as a monochrome layout? Ignoring the pops of red of course. But the rest is pretty much all white, cream and yellow. I'm pretty sure most monochrome 'rules' allow you to include neutrals like the black and white too right? I only ask because the idea of creating a monochrome layout scares me, and if I had sat down to scrap with the intention of monochrome then this layout never would have been born. The panic would have set in and this would probably end up a jumbled mess that wouldn't make it to my blog (let alone the JBS blog!)

I think the fear originates from my early scrapping days where I attempted monochrome before I was ready. I didn't understand the 'rules'! Dull and boring layouts were the result! I still don't think I know good principles for their design (something about small, medium and large patterns perhaps?) although I do know that you need to include a lot of texture, and that's something I like to do anyway.

So what I did sit down and have in mind when I created this layout was the brief for the JBS blog this month which is to create something about your Love Lists (reasonably obvious for February right?!) Share something about the people you love, the things you love, the activities you love etc etc. Now that's a brief that I can get on board with! And it's only because the August Papercrafting Kit and August Artisan Kit (these are on massive sale at the moment by the way!) that I decided to use were absolutely packed full of fabulous yellow and white heart motifs that this layout almost assembled itself ;-)

I particularly fell in love with the Fancy Pants Stencils from the Artisan Kit and decided it would make a great title just as it was. I popped out the letters though and you're going to see them on an upcoming layout too! No way they were going to waste, so stay tuned for that. And guess what? That layout is almost monochrome too when I come to think of it. Pink though, not yellow. Oh my... I guess I've just conquered my fear! 



  1. Weelll....but I really LOVE the pops of red, LOL!!! Monochrome.....did you see some of the entries for the Scrap Tournament...that world one? Add a DOUBLE page. Then add the photo 'has' to be part on BOTH pages. Then add NO BLACK OR WHITE...totally mono......just a tad scary...understatement!!!! But I am gobsmacked with what peeps can do, I must say:):) And I like your 'packaging' title, too...clever:)


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