Wednesday, February 5, 2014

The Story of 5 Minutes More

I made this layout nearly a year ago now, but in one of those awesome moments of scrapbooking it got picked up for publishing before it even made it here onto my blog. It went live in the January edition of Scrapbook Trends (which I still unfortunately haven't been able to access to be able to see it for myself) but it means I can now share it here finally!

A great mix of products here, in a range of lovely soft colours. Can I say that? I think if you asked me if I like scrapbooking pastels, or if I did it a lot I would automatically say no. Probably because I tend to assume pastels equal baby layouts, Easter themes, or those lovely shabby-chic romantic pages. None of which I'm particularly prone to doing.

But on this layout I wanted to make the stamped triangle pattern the focal embellishment of the page and at the time I was super-keen to use my new stash of Prima Chalk Inks. They blend so nicely together and stamp so nicely. I used the 'Favourite Stamp Set' by Kellie Stamps (still available... and on sale now!!) and repeatedly stamped the triangle 'my life' stamp over my page.

I actually took that stamp and mounted it on my acrylic block backwards so that I was able to just stamp a plain triangle in order to create my pattern. Only on a few select areas did I turn the stamp around and use it properly. A great little technique that could be used with plenty of other shapes too.

Oh and in case you're wondering.. yes I chose that lined paper deliberately so I could consciously use it to help line up my images and keep my pattern from wandering all over the place ;-) It's one of the reasons why I add the Studio Calico Grid Paper to my order every month - I need the straight lines!

The story behind the layout is a little bit less romantic and clever. But it is Real Life, and I'm sure most parents can relate. It's about how my kids love to have some 'screen time'. TV, DVD's, the iPhone, iPad.. whatever. If it's got moving pictures on it then it's entertainment right? Games or shows, it doesn't really matter. And whilst we realise the importance of limiting the amount of screen time they're exposed to sometimes it's rather tempting to allow them just 5 minutes more... 'cos it also means peace and quiet for Mummy and Daddy ;-)



  1. Love this layout - and the story behind it. I can very much relate to the 5 more minutes of peace and quiet!! I think the layout especially works because the photo is black and white. Mounting the stamp backwards is such a great way to make your stamps even more versatile.

  2. WELL DONE getting it picked up...I guess ONE DAY you might see it in RL??!!! It's a beautiful page & the pastels really do 'sing'...loooove the triangle stamps & the idea of turning them around....great tip, thank you:):):)

  3. WOW, this is absolutely amazing and I can so see why they snaffled it up right away. I am just in love, you know I love my triangles lol! And this one takes the cake! Backwards? Who would had guessed? *Goes off to get stamp set* lol! Love it Natalie.

  4. I can see why it made it into scrapbook's gorgeous x

  5. Can relate even with my one! Beautiful LO. Love the soft triangles and layering on them. CONGRATS on the pub!

  6. LOL beautiful layout and congrats on getting published. One of my fave mags and I love it cause I get it online. I hear you on the kids thing... I always hear parents my generation and older saying we never let out kids watch telly/games/whatever... they played outside or with each other... what they forget is that most women of my generation were not working and were stay at home moms...they were just beginning to opt for work and families. I keep telling my DIL not to feel guilty if she needs a little quiet time now and again to re-group :D

  7. Oh i love this page!!!! those stamped triangles rock!

  8. I loved the page so much - i had to scraplift it :-)! Hopefully that's fine for you?!
    Here is my take -


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