Wednesday, February 26, 2014

The Story of One

Following on from my post about the extremely yellow page I did the other day, I must have subconsciously continued on with the monochrome idea when I whipped up this layout on a whim soon after. It's not truly monochrome though, there are lots of other colours in here, but certainly pink is the dominant colour.

I tried to balance it out a little with some cream colours, and I ended up using the pop-out letters from the Fancy Pants stencil that was in my original yellow page. I didn't consciously plan that similarity either!

What I did have in mind when I thought about the design of this page was the idea that I should cluster cluster cluster everything in the bottom half, and then leave the top fairly plain. After I had layered up my papers (Dear Lizzy Lucky Charm collection) I started hunting through my embellishment box for anything and everything I thought would work. So there's quite a mish-mash of older product here which I just love because it means it's finally getting used!

Another fun moment came when I stood back at the end and looked at my finished page and decided the original white stickers that spelled "one" weren't as prominent as I needed them to be considering it was the key word for my layout. The little photo collage here on this page is from my niece's first birthday party last year, so I wanted the "one" to be rather obvious. After thinking red might be a better choice I wanted to try it out first before I committed so I lightly stuck them over the top so I could see how it looked. Happy with the result I then figured why bother with the fiddly task of trying to remove the original stickers and I just mooshed the red ones down over the top! 

I was also still feeling very glittery following my glitter binge as the American Crafts Guest Designer and the letters got a bit of a sprinkling to finish off! Speaking of which, I really must be back here soon to share all those projects I made. Can't wait to show you.. and there's also the countdown for the next Studio Calico reveal so that'll be coming real soon too :-)


  1. What a gorgeous layout! I love the idea of layering the lettering on top of the other. I would have tried to pull it off and ripped it and then sworn and then goodness knows what else ;) Lovely work.

  2. Clever, clever....had a giggle at the red's something I'd do!!! Gorgeous SO quickly FORGET how little they are at one, too:):)!!!

  3. Love the sparkly letters. I was admiring the double up of stickers on the 'one' before I read it was an accident! :)

  4. This is absolutely amazing, amazing, amazing!


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