Sunday, July 6, 2014

Big Picture Classes Winners

This afternoon was all about picking winners from my Big Picture Classes Giveaway. My girls had been begging me to choose my winners the 'fun way' rather than with which is my easiest go-to method. Once upon a time (if you look through all my old archives searching the word 'winner') my winners were chosen in much more interesting fashion ;-)

We compromised, and I put everyone's name in a bowl (twice if they had earned it!) and let the girls each choose a winner. It just so happened that they did it perfectly, and each chose a winner who had elected different classes.... so that worked well. Rather happy with that!

Bethany's winner is....... ELOQUENCE, who asked for the "Here & There Inspiration Class"!! YAY!

Whilst Moriah's winner is..... SOFSTERFRENCHY, who asked for the "Phone Photography Project 2 Class"!!

Can each of the winners contact me via email ( and I'll hook you up with the class code.

Thanks everyone for your encouraging words about my upcoming Grammar-Free Journaling Class. I'm so excited for this to begin! The start date is July 24th which still gives you plenty of time to register. Before I go, I'll leave you with one more sneak peek of a page I'm contributing....

It turns out the class prompts were just what I needed to finally get around to scrapping my 'One Little Word' for this year. We're only 7 months in.... that's not bad in my books ;-)



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