Saturday, July 12, 2014

The Story of the Twirl and Swish

A couple of months ago I caved and started subscribing to the Project Life kits at Studio Calico. I say 'caved' because if I'm completely honest (and you know I always am!) Project Life is something I thought I would never, and could never do. More the latter. Mainly because of the time commitment involved, not because I don't totally believe in the philosophy behind it. 

Anyway, despite this first step of subscribing to the kits, I'm yet to ever complete a spread. I haven't yet made it that far. But I think it's going to happen. I really do! It won't be in the traditional sense, because I still don't have any more time on my hands, but one day soon I'm going to document some events Project Life style.

In the meantime, I'm actually really in love with the kits. I love how they compliment the main Scrapbook Kits with the same basic colours and elements. The embellishments are super-cute and because I guess I've always had a thing for journal cards! So I find I'm using the kits a lot just on my traditional layouts. 

Take this layout for example. I started off with a couple of my favourite cards from the Camelot PL kit and layered them up with some papers from the Camelot Scrapbook Kits. I added in some vellum and tulle (actually ripped from one of the dresses in the photo..... not on purpose!) for texture. And sprinkled some embellishments around for good measure.

All the stamps you see (the stars, the banners, the cheeky sentiments) are from a new 4x6" set called "Celebrate" designed by Mama Elephant. They were just perfect for this layout about the first dress fitting my girls went to in preparation for their role as Flower Girls at their Aunt's wedding recently. Oh wow did they love those dresses! Moriah could barely stand still for a photo because all she wanted to do was twirl and swish!

I'm still doing all my stamping with the Color Theory Inks because I'm totally obsessed with them. I really hope the new set of colours will be released soon. I desperately need to add the purple and hot pink to my usual line-up.

So tell me I'm not alone in this. Surely there are others out there who subscribe to the Project Life kits and don't do Project Life? Surely!




  1. Wow! This layout is so beautiful! I love EVERYTHING about it! :)

  2. I love your scrapbooking style. Such gorgeous clean lines and layering. I do not pocket scrapbook full stop. There's just no way I'd have the quantity of photos or the time to record the daily events. However I can see how versatile it is. I've seen daily pocket scrapping as well as monthly, where the highlights of the month are recorded. I've seen events done as you've mentioned, the more obvious being Christmas. Some do an album of just pocket scrapped Christmases. I won't do it until I know how I was going to scrap. Right now, I just scrap the larger size of anything I feel like and it works for me for now :)

  3. Love this LO! I don't subscribe to the kits but I did ask for a whole starter set of Project Life and am still yet to commence any of those style pages. Like you, I've used the journaling cards on my 12x12 LOs instead. :)

  4. This is totally gorgeous! Love your style! :D

  5. LOL!!! Nope! This girl's not gonna make you feel better or justify your newfound 'love'....the really weird thing? Those PL cards seem to breed faster than PP's in my scrap room....I SWEAR, I do not buy them - they just seem to appear.......!!! LOOOOVE this page...your girls looked beautiful & look like they are adoring those dresses - & that touch of gold.....MWAH!!!!!!!!!!!!

  6. I definitely use Project Life items on my regular size scrapbook pages, and even on my cards too, especially journaling cards. A handful of those cards and a few photos make for an easy grid style page I can throw together really quickly, and I think that's what I've learned to embrace about the pocket style scrapbooking. I guess I don't feel I need to spend as much time "completing" a layout, as it's so easy to go back and foo-foo up a pocket that isn't quite working for me. With practice, you'll get there too :-)


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