Tuesday, July 8, 2014

Jot Kids Moriah

Of course, anything the eldest one does, the youngest needs to do as well! So here's Moriah (who's 4) with her layout for the Jot Kids Challenge at Jot Magazine.

I couldn't be more proud! She essentially did all of this herself with the exception of spelling her title, and the sewing to keep it all in place.

She put the free Printables to good use, scattering them all around her page. One of my favourite bits is the doodled edges around that little girl.

My other favourite bit is that she took a border strip of coloured squares and decided to cut them individually and sprinkle them like confetti. What a great idea!

And my last favourite bit? The fact that she wanted to add her own 'journaling' to the card too (That's the red circles in case you're wondering!) She might be only 4, but I think she's learned a trick or two from her mother :-)

Her layout is of course also about ice-cream consumption. What struck me as interesting was that I already had both this photo, and the one on Bethany's layout already printed off ready to go. I guess we eat a bit of ice-cream around here!



  1. LOOOOOVE this page.....those square 'confetti'...totally BRILL idea [might have to pinch that one!!!] & the colours are as yummy as that icecream looks! It seems you have TWO talented scrapper girls in the house!

  2. Very, very clever and yep it was brilliant cutting the strip into tiny squares.

  3. Awe. A little scrapper in the making.

  4. Well done Moriah.... what a clever little chicken... such a beautiful and creative layout..
    Mardi xx


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