Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Hello www

So I decided to start a blog.
My husband thinks it's just a passing phase. I guess we'll see about that.
Since starting maternity leave, it seems I've spent a lot of time browsing through other people's blogs that it only seemed reasonable that I would eventually have the idea to create my own.
I've been inspired by many wonderfully artistic people out there in the papercraft world that hopefully in time I can give a little bit back.
And the final straw that broke the blogger's back was that I was lucky enough to win my first scrapper's challenge over at ARTastic. That's the other thing I've been doing since going on leave - is finally finding the time to enter some challenges. So I'll be showing you some of those entries very soon. Stay tuned.


  1. Hi Natalie!

    I'm glad your first ever challenge win was with ARTastic because your always going to remember that special moment :)

    Love your new blog.

    I'm going to have the honour of being your first Follower :)



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