Wednesday, February 16, 2011

February Giveaway

This month's giveaway has a mixed-media theme to it. I've put together a pile of new and barely-used products which would be ideal for use in dimensional and textural projects, although most of them can be used in your traditional scrapbooking too.

 Here's the complete package of what you could win. Let me break it down for you.......

1. A packet of Fusible Film in Opal Sparkle. I've only used a tiny bit of this so there's miles left! If you're unsure about what this incredible material is I suggest you check it out on You Tube.
2. A packet of 3 stencil brushes. I've used one once, but it's been cleaned. The others are brand new.
3. An unopened flexible push-mold with a variety of baby-themed molds.
4. Buzz and Bloom chipboard
5. Vintage buttons

6. A packet of Angelina Fibre in Copper Flash. Again, I've only used this once or twice and as you can see, there's lots left.
7. A packet of clear photo-corners. It started off with 250, and I don't know how many I've used. Maybe half?
8. 3 hand-made owl buttons
9. Various lengths of lace, paper lace, tulle and mesh
10. Two packets of guaze

11. A packet of clear crystal stickers. One missing
12. A variety of Tattered Angels Glimmer chips
13. Approximately 10 paper doilies in two sizes
14. 5 mini-pegs
15. Some travel-themed rubons
16. Various lengths of sequin-waste in three colours
17. Two fabric butterflies

I think that's about it! But there'll probably be a few extras too I imagine :-)

By now you know the drill to get your hands on this loot...........
  • Leave me a comment for one chance to win (can you make it something interesting?! Tell me a funny story, a joke, anything! I'm on night-duty for 7 nights in a row, and need something to keep me entertained in the slow hours!!)
  • Leave me a second comment if you post about this giveaway on your blog
  • Leave me a third comment if you are a follower
Internationals welcome.
I'll draw a random winner next week when I'm back awake during daylight hours :-)


  1. I wish I could tell an interesting story! But, thanks for a chance to win anyway! Maybe your talent will rub off on me if I win! :-)

  2. A very generous give away. I have a bit of a joke. I went to see Billy Conolly last week and he had a go at every one and every thing as comedians tend to do. One line was 'Her face could turn a funeral precession down a side street.'
    I'll let your mind do the imagining.
    Love your work, and am a follower too :)

  3. Here's my joke.
    Q. Why are most Blonde Jokes one-liners?
    A. So that men can remember them.

    That's for all the blondes out there.

  4. metto tutto sulla barra laterale del mio blog

  5. sono italiana....essere simpatici è di natura ma cosa ti posso raccontare....???sarei felice se tu fossi il mio scrap doctor visto che il miop scrap è un po' cosi cosi

  6. sounds awesome - Im already a follower - dying to get my hands on some Fusible film!!!!
    Have fun on night shift!!! MInd altering it is!!

  7. great giveaway!
    let's try!
    i'm a follower via google!

  8. i've added your giveaway on my blog (sidebar):

  9. hmm...well, this story cracks me up, hopefully it will make you smile anyway, my 9yoa and 13yoa sons and I were in the car and out of nowhere my 9yoa son announces "I was thinking...when I grow up I might want to be a ballet dancer...." AWKWARD SILENCE>>>and he continues "but then I changed my mind because men ballet dancers have to wear those tights that make their privates look really big" ANOTHER MOMENT OF AWKWARD SILENCE...until my 13yoa son replies "what's wrong with that?" 9yoa replies "it's weird because it looks like they stuff something in the front of their pants!" ROFL..these kids are a constant source of free entertainment! And you must know that my 9yoa son's nickname is "the professor" because he is always pondering and giving us random bits of info! Hope you work nights go by fast! Happy Weeend!

  10. I'm a follower of your lovely blog!

  11. I love your blog, I don't have many funny stories and most that I do have involve my son.
    Last year I spent ages making gingerbread for my son to take to school for show and tell for the topic of my favourite food. When we got to school we discovered that we had read the note wrong and that weeks topic was my favourite movie. I left him at school and raced home trying to find Up which was the movie he wanted, I couldn't find it so I took Cars instead which he has watched over and over. When he got up for show and tell he said "this is a movie that I have never seen before".

  12. I am now a follower of your blog.

  13. Hope i'm still in time to have the chance to partecipate to your super giveaway. Well, First of all i really nedd to thank you for your crreations that inspire me!

  14. i'm already a follower! Thnaks for the chance! Have a great time scrapping..


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