Sunday, July 31, 2011

The Adventures of Captain Tracey Yoghurt

So I got a little caught up in the excitement of the Sassafras CHA challenges and totally neglected to post these other two layouts I did for Handmade by Suzanne with the Basic Grey Out of Print collection, silly me!

I've been Pinning like a mad-woman lately and plenty of inspiration gets added to my 'Typography Love' and 'Quotes I Want to Repeat' boards. I just knew this quote was going to make it onto a layout one day, and it seems that day has come.

This was a favourite photo of the four of us at our April photo-shoot. I had planned on using it on the monthly page I am way behind on doing for our 2011 album along with the more formal photo but the layout I made didn't quite go that way. And although technically not a great photo it was too funny/sentimental not to be used!

On this page I really wanted to focus on the Out of Print chipboard stickers I received in my kit. It included all these windows and squares that I made into a series of frames. I filled them with little bits and pieces.

Like my favourite Basic Grey lace stickers, and the vintage calendars from Shabby Chic Crafts.

I keep a notebook with me most of the time, and like to jot down ideas for pages, sketches, the things that inspire me etc, but most importantly ..... the funny things I overhear my girls saying!
Which is how this layout came about.

On a recent trip by plane Munchy was allowed to go up to the flight deck and sit with the captain and pretend to fly (this is when it was on the ground!) and so we snapped these photos. And ever since then she has been playing 'airplane captains' as one of her favourite imaginary games.

So after she's lined up a bunch of chairs in a row and filled them with various toys and her sister I hear her pretend to speak into the microphone, "Hi, this is Captain Tracey Yoghurt speaking and I'll be your pilot this morning. Please feel free to come and visit me on the flight-deck".
I have no idea where she made up the name Tracey Yoghurt, we don't know anyone called Tracey, and certainly no one with the sirname Yoghurt!
Aren't children's imaginations just incredible? So fertile :-)


  1. Gorgeous!!! Love the story about Captain Tracey Youghurt - how absolutely gorgeous!

    I love both these LOs Nat, but the first one appeals to me the most - all those frames, and that quote! Divine :)

  2. LOL! how gorgeous is that story Natalie!! Love both of your pages... fabulous!!

  3. ahhhhh, LOOOOOVE what your other side of your brain did here.
    i sooo wish our german docs were so creative!!!
    whenever you need a german nurse beside you - please let me know!! ;)
    thanks for your sweet omment on my blog!!

  4. Both layouts are really lovely. I love the series of frames that you used on the first, the calendar and that quote. What awesome photos of your daughter up at the flight deck, and a lovely story of how she plays at being "Captain Tracey Yoghurt"..hehe..too sweet. Great selection of paper and embellies too. :)


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