Friday, October 28, 2011

Reducing my Footprint

Last week's weekly theme at was "Footprints" and I hosted the Noteworthy challenge which is about making cards.

The first thing that challenged me was trying to figure out how to incorporate the "Footprints" theme into a card. As you can see, my first idea was to actually include some footprints, but I thought that might be a bit hard :-)

But you know what it reminded me of? All this talk these days about reducing our 'carbon footprint' to lessen our impact on the environment. So the challenge I'm setting is for you to "Reduce, Reuse or Recycle" something on your card!! You can interpret that any way you like!

I chose the "Reduce" option which meant I tried to limit the amount of supplies I used on these cards. Can you believe I only used one piece of patterned paper to make both these cards? And all I added was some scraps of twine, some left-over pieces from my Thickers and a splash of mist :-)

Other ways you might like to interpret the challenge would be to 'Reuse' something that was intended for a different purpose such as clothing tags, kitchen supplies etc. Or try your hand at the 'Recycled' option and include materials that might otherwise end up in the bin such as junk-mail or packaging.


Or if you're looking for more's a sneak of my new Scrap it Blind challenge that's just gone up today....

Happy scrapping!


  1. Love these super cute cards Nati and great challenge to use something recycled too!

    Sheree xx

  2. Gorgeous work Natalie. LOVE your thinking behind the cards. Take care, Nadia.

  3. Great cards! And your sneak looks gorgeous! :)


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