Thursday, February 2, 2012

My Day Job

I did warn you hey? More kid art happening here!

This page was particularly relevant to share with you today. Today our world changes here in the Elphinstone household! This little Munchkin started her first day of school!! There were no tears here. It was all excitement and possibilities. I think this page captures some of her current innocence inquisitive nature.

Munchy is all about asking me how how my day was at work. And how many 'mummies did I help to have babies today' and 'what did they call them?' (and 'that's a ridiculous name!') She wants to know details too.... and I mean graphic details! She has a toy doctor kit and a doll and she asked me if I could show her how to 'cut a baby out of a mummy's tummy' as she handed me her plastic scalpel!

Which is probably why she knew just what to do when she came across this model pregnant abdomen when she visited me at work. And why she's able to draw pictures like this for me (that's me helping a lady have a baby in case you couldn't tell!)

And funny story.... when she went off to school today The Man said to her "well if you turn out to be a doctor like your Mummy then you'll be at school for the next 25 years" and she looked at him with incredulation on her face "25 years??? That's pretty much forever!"


  1. Lol, it is pretty much forever lol.

    Love the layout! and love the kid art on it!!!!

  2. Oh that is the sweetest post. How cute. Love the art work. I have so much of it sitting here to put into pages. Thanks for the inspiration.

  3. I LOVE your page Nat.
    So great to be able to incorporate some of all that art they seem to produce endlessly,
    I am glad her first day at school went well for both of you. She will be absolutely fine!
    Enjoy your week end!

  4. Great layout and how funny the story that goes with it. Love the use of her drawing!

  5. Love your LO and how you have incorporated your daughters art so beautifully. She is one clever little cookie :) Hope the school days continue to go well.


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