Friday, February 24, 2012

Riding High

Because we live in the city and our families are still back in the country we do quite a bit of car travel to and fro to visit them. When the kids were babies we would plan our departure time to coincide with their nap time, because if there's one thing you can count on our kids to do and that's to fall asleep in the car.

And even now that they're just a bit older it usually doesn't take them long to nod off. The amusing thing is when only one of them falls asleep!

Munchy is super-cute and she just adores her younger sister. Whenever Moodles falls asleep first Munchy will just sit there holding her "warm little hands".

But if it's the other way around and Munchy falls asleep first then Moodles gets up to mischief. She'll either keep pushing her flopping head away demanding "Bebish.... head up!" or she'll steal all her hair clips out and throw them on the ground :-)

Much more peaceful if they both fall asleep together! And worth snapping a photo obviously! So it was time to get these everyday stories onto the page with a mix and match of Studio Calico products. It's all about the stories for me :-)


  1. Oh don't they look precious :) I love the layering and the design rocks!

  2. Love SC and you totally nailed this layout! Love all the little bits.

  3. The two small houses on the corner is so Cute. And the half butterfly on the middle is a very new idea.

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