Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Love You Deerly...

My next project up for Baby Month at was this sweet and colourful canvas that would be perfect to hang in your baby's nursery.

I started off with an 8x10" canvas which I covered in this plain notebook type paper from Lily Bee. Then I misted it with my bright rainbow of colours. I was asked a few questions over on the forum about how I managed to make my misting look so uniform and blended, and whilst I don't consider myself an expert by any means, I can share my simple tricks with you....

I think the first thing to learn is to do it lighter and from a greater distance than you imagine you need to. You can always go back and do more once it's dried and you can see what it looks like.

The other trick I've got is to use a couple of what I call 'mixer colours'.
I use a really light green, yellow and pink in between my main colours. You can't really see them as individual colours in the final product but they help blend together the bolder colorus.

Now as far as the deers are concerned - that was simply my Silhouette in action! Surely there's nothing cuter than woodland animals, and deers just have to be my favourite.You could just as easily trace around any of the templates that are freely available on the web and cut your own though.

I filled the background with a bunch of pucnhed and hand-cut hearts from the MME Alphabet Soup collection. I took my inspiration for this from a piece in the 7 Gypsies Flikr pool, found via Pinterest. Add in a few more embellishments and details and you're done! I'm so ready to hang this in my girl's room now..... except that it hasn't yet made it past my dining area (much like these Valentine's roses which are now dried to a crisp!)



  1. I ADORE this...& love your misting tips...I'm finding that stuff fun, but v tricky to use...the deers look so prancing adorable here:):)


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