Sunday, June 17, 2012

A Page of My Book

I'm pretty laid back most of the time. In general my philosophy is that stressing about something rarely ever helps, so why bother? Certainly in my work life this makes a huge difference as I'm constantly faced with high-pressure scenarios and if I lost my head every time I couldn't cope.

I carry a lot of this in my parenting style too. I'm generally not fussed if the kids are loud or messy or crazy when they're playing at home. I don't mean my kids are misbehaved - quite the opposite. They're really good kids, with fabulous manners :-)

But I believe in allowing them to create, and explore and discover things for themselves. And if that means they make a bit of a mess in the process then so be it! This photo for example, captures the moment after I found Moodles had discovered my makeup. What a sight! I think she had done quite  a reasonable job to be completely honest :-)

The Man is a little more uummmm..... what a nice way of saying.... he prefers things done in neatness and order. Which makes it harder for him sometimes to embrace the 'creative mess' the kids make. This page is a message to both of us as parents to make sure we chill out and let them be kids - whatever craziness that entails.

I was lucky enough to have an afternoon off today so I had time to whip up this layout for the Pages of My Book challenge which is to use the word 'Relax' and the inspiration picture. I used my latest Studio Calico kit (35mm) knowing that another one is just about to land on my doorstep any day now.


  1. Hehe, this one really made me smile! My daughter did the same thing a couple of years back and I got some priceless photos of her and everything around her covered in red lippy!!! I love your page. The MME papers are perfect and I really adore that envelope - did you use one of the new Tim Holtz dies to make it??

  2. very very cool and pretty layout! love it!


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