Sunday, September 30, 2012

The Story of the Birthing Classes

Recently I've seen a lot of layouts that feature a transparent or vellum pocket filled with confetti. What a great idea for an embellishment! You know I'm always up for quirky embellishments. But what I especially love is the confetti being able to move around inside it's pocket which adds a whole new element to our design. Now we've not only got colour, dimension and texture but movement on our pages!!

But I'm not here today to show you how to add confetti pockets to your page ;-) Today I wanted to take that idea of movement even one step further and even add the element of sound! My idea was to include a type of shaker box onto my page (or even more than one as the case might be!) I used some recycled packaging from a packet of brads and filled the little containers with beads. How fun right?


Now let me tell you ..... having an idea is one thing. Making it happen on your first attempt when a video is rolling is quite another ordeal! Things don't always go smoothly! But I didn't want to edit this video and cut out all the mistakes because I wanted to show you exactly what my process was, how I fixed the the errors and basically just to show you that this is real life :-)

Did you notice all the journaling I added to this page? LOL! That's because I had a great story to tell. My friend and I have been talking for a while about running some Birthing Classes for the girls at church (we seem to be in the midst of a baby-boom!!). She's not medical at all, but she's had great birth experiences with both her girls and she's keen to impart what she's learnt and to help others have a similar experience. In turn I shared what I've been observing with the women in labour that I deal with practically everyday. It seems obvious to me that those women who are stressed, fearful and anxious about labour have a MUCH worse time than those who are relaxed and in control.

So we came up with a plan and a curriculum which is aimed at giving women the knowledge they need to know what to expect in labour and how to remain calm. We've actually just finished our first set of classes with our first cohort of three couples and they were pretty well received. The first baby will be due in a few weeks time, so we'll wait to see what the final word may be!

All of my supplies for this page came from my DT package from Scrap Friends, except for those fabulous flourishes which are of course from Flourish With a Bling. And guess what? Scrap Friends is about to celebrate our First Birthday with a giant sale. Time to go shopping girls!



  1. OMG what a great idee love you pretty lo wow have a great sunday hugs Amy :)

  2. I always find it fascinating watching the process of other scrappers. Thankyou for sharing the whole process that went into your beautiful page.

  3. This is amazing! I really enjoyed watching your process, thanks for sharing!

  4. love the layout!! I didn't realize you were an obstretician (not sure I spelled it right) how do you have time to scrap and be on so many DTs!! i'm so impressed

  5. WOAW what for a beautiful and colorful LO!!!!!! i just love it!!!!!! :)

  6. magnific, comme toujours!! biz^^


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