Wednesday, September 26, 2012

The Story of a Techno-Savvy Toddler

It's a sign of the times isn't it? My 2-year-old can work her way around an iPad better than I can. She knows how to dial numbers on my iPhone (which she's now learned NOT to do after ringing a few random people at the top of my contact list!) and she can turn on a DVD faster than a speeding bullet.

And maybe it's because she's grown up in that culture, or maybe it's because her IT-loving father keeps wanting to buy every new gadget that Apple produce, but Moodles has got a real knack for technology.

If it's got buttons she wants to press them, if it's knobs then they must be twiddled! If it looks like a phone then she will pick it up and try and speak into it. But I think it's also something about her in particular that makes her mind tick over that way. I think she's got a bit of an engineering-type brain.

For example (and this is the story I've told on this layout) is what happened when my mother-in-law was babysitting for us one night. She said she gave each of the girls a piece of foam to cut into and get creative with. When she asked Munchy what she was making she said a chair for her doll's house....... well that makes sense.

But Moodle's answer was interesting and quite revealing about the way her mind thinks. She said "I'm making a trap so I can catch an elephant"!!

Hhhmmmm...... good luck I say :-)




  1. Gorgeous page.

    Definitely a sign of the times. My 2 boys are always constantly asking for some sort of electrical equipment to play on and usually work it much faster than I can.

  2. Hahaha! That is the best answer ever. If she can catch two I'll have one lol
    I have deliberately keep Chloe away from my phone (well at least tried to...)
    Great photo and beautiful page!

  3. LOL!, what a cute story, I love the way kids minds work. My 8 yo is often offended by me comparing how my 3 yo does things and how he did them at the same age. It is hard to explain to him that I am not comparing them in a competitive way, but that I am intrigued by how they both handled similar situations.

  4. Natalie! Congrats on making the JB team! I am SO excited to be creating alongside you! Love your designs!

  5. Great page - adorable story. Love how young minds work.

  6. Congratulations on making the new Jenni Bowlin Ambassadors team. I'm very excited to be working alongside you in the new team!

  7. I love how you layer the different elements here. So beautiful!


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