Wednesday, December 19, 2012

All is Bright

What is it about Christmas that makes me want to sprinkle glitter over absolutely everything?!

Whatever! I fully embrace it though, and I have even taken it one step further for this card. You see, that sparkly background actually just started off as plain ol' green cardstock. But if you smother it in glue and dump a whole jar of Iced Lime Cosmic Shimmer on it this is what you get :-)

And I don't even mind that now my sewing machine makes a crunching sound because of the glitter that has passed through it's gears (whooopps!) Heee!!

I'm just glad to be adding to my Christmas card stash. Speaking of which... I've got some more Christmas cards up on the Jenni Bowlin blog today too. Check it out here.



  1. Dude, there is nothing on this planet that a little glitter can't make fact, the girl I ate lunch with had some glitter on her cheek and I decided later it was from my Christmas card..just make her a little more sparkly! Love the green!

  2. Love that cut/layered reindeer head!!

  3. Hi Natalie! Shame on me its been so long since I visited here. I have been so busy and a but unwell too and have not kept up with anything or anyone :( Anyway, this is lovely! I love the way you have placed everything. Hope you are well.

  4. Your poor sewing machine lol, the things we do, looks great and I love Reindeers

  5. What a lovely card. I'm a little jealous of the recipient.


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