Saturday, January 26, 2013

The Story of the Head Lice

I know, I know..... head lice is not the most romantic of subjects. In fact, it seems to be one of those things that people would rather not discuss at all if they can help it. But in the interests of keeping it real, and documenting our everyday life I unfortunately had to do this page about this infernal plague that has infiltrated our lives for the past couple of months.

Most parents of primary-school-aged children would know what I mean. You get that letter from school saying there's been an outbreak of it and so you take precautions. Tying Muchy's hair up in a tight little bun (which she hates, but looks awefully cute). But inevitably the itching starts. So you go searching, and sure enough you find those blasted litted creepy crawlies scurrying about. BLlleerrgghhh!

The next phase begins. That's where you buy every brand of head-lice-erradication product you can find because they never seem to quite do the trick. Or at least, because you keep sending your girl to school she keeps getting re-infected. Which means she also tends to pass it onto her little sister and now you're treating twice the infestation.

Third phase? That's the paranoia that ensues. You wash every piece of haberdashery in the house. And you panic if you get the slightest itch yourself. But evetually it all passes. Phew!

I've used the latest sketch challenge at Sketchbook 365 to help me document this annoying frustrating time in our lives. And I've obviously gone for my second attempt at an 8.5 x 11" layout. Hhhmmmm... I'm not quite as sold on this one as my first attempt. But it's all trial and error :-)

Happy Australia Day Aussies!!




  1. When my step grand girls [8 &10 yo] visit, I go straight to paranoia these days. I ALWAYS end up infested.... boys NEVER got lice - short haircuts & less giggling with heads close together, probably. They DID get lots of cuts, bruises...... & you're acing the's just the mind set, I think...& being more selective. I get stubborn & want to use BIG pics on my smaller pages & DUH! It doesn't really work - so at least you don't make that mistake!!!!!!!!! I'm making this long for you to read during those wee small hours!!!!!!!

  2. Oh my gosh, I think head lice is sent to test every mum, I can only remember one or two outbreaks when my daughter was at primary school and my girlfriend and I (she had three girls) would sit for hours with the metal comb doing their hair. I'm sure there are better products on the market these days so keep up the good work and I hope you won't have too many more episodes of those little critters.

  3. sorry to hear about the head lice issue... sigh.... sometimes it just seems like it can't be helped, right?

    Your layout still rocks! :)

  4. They are horrible! I'm dreading the day my little girl and all her locks comes home with the little critters.
    As always love the layout!
    Love that its about everyday mother moments also.

  5. I love that you documented this! They are horrid little critters aren't they! HATE THEM!!! But glad you documented this ;)

  6. The picture of the kids in their head scarfs is adorable despite the plaque. Good you scrapped it knowing you are a doctor and can relate to us all.

  7. like the fact that you documented this! been there with my kids too! even the tought of them makes my skin itch ;-) ...
    beautiful layout! loved the recent video too!

  8. I havent visited for so long! im sorry!!! BUT I LOVE all your work xx

  9. Oh yes we have spent many an (unhappy) hour dealing with those little blighters! Great story and a fabulous LO. Thank you for taking part:)

  10. So Cute natalie - we are going through the same with my two littlies right now LOL :)))

  11. Keeping it real? That's the kind of scrapbooking I love! Brilliant.

  12. I am also never sure when I do A4 but I have to say, you are successful here. I love your layout.

  13. great idea to scrap the incident! Lovely layout and great use of the sketch. TFS.


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