Thursday, April 18, 2013

The Story of Autumnal Moments

Personally, I much prefer the warmer weather. I'm a sunshine-seeker despite my pale white and freckled skin which puts me in mortal danger every time I step outside. So generally speaking I'm always regretful when summer passes away and we skip into Autumn.

However.... there's really no denying that Autumn is a very beautiful time of year. There's just something magical about the vibrant and beautiful colours of nature in all it's glory right now. It was that classic colour scheme that inspired me to sit down and create this layout for one of my latest Evalicious posts.

After pulling out my base papers I started hunting through my Evalicious stash to figure out what tags and badges might work for me. Once I figured out the So Daily SnipSnip tags were a perfect colour match I went ahead and grabbed everything from the So Daily collection because obviously it would all work!

Too easy! Now I've got the basis of my whole layout sorted, it was a quick job to layer up some gesso, mist, paper and plenty of tags. I like my layouts to be quite textural but I don't necessarily want them too 'fat', so the badge buttons work fabulously for me. By placing these two together side by side it only adds more emphasis to them.

I tend to leave my stamping until the end. I use my Evalicious stamps like the final embellishment, usually stamping in black ink to add little details that still stand out. What I love about Eve's stamps are her focus on the written word and typography. So it's almost like adding extra journaling for me.. and you all know how much I love my journaling!

And speaking of Evalicious stamps..... I have some exciting news to share! The new release stamp sets are only a few days away! Eeekkk.... you need to get ready for this awesomeness! There's a few sneak peeks on the blog here, but let me also share a couple of my favourites....

I'm loving the ampersand (it just may or may not have been my suggestion!! wink!) But trust me, I've seen the whole bunch of them and this is only tipping the iceberg. It's going to be amazing! They hit the shop on the 20th.




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