Monday, April 22, 2013

The Story of My Most Favourite One

It's actually a reasonably hard question to answer, but one that we're asked quite commonly as scrapbookers, and that's the question of "how do you describe your style". I guess it's about asking what are your favourite techniques and colours or what do you include on a page that makes it uniquely and recognisably you?

This is what I cam up with....
I like my linear layers piled up on a neutral (but not completely plain) base.
I like a good quote and good typography... and sometimes I even combine the two.
And lastly, I like my colour scheme to be bright and happy, but it's usually in pastel tones.

I think this layout ticks all those boxes. I think the only big thing that's missing on this layout which is typically me is a whole bunch of journaling. But given how long the title is I thought I had already captured everything I wanted to say here.

It's a good exercise to do though. Given for me it usually takes a couple of hours to put together each page (I'm very indecisive!!) it can be a little disappointing when you're still not happy with the outcome. So I've been trying to work out what it is about the pages that I like that makes me like them. That way when I scrap in the future I can just concentrate on doing it 'my way' rather than trying to do it according to other people's style.

I don't think this will stop me from evolving as I go along, but for right now it's going to save me time. And money too.... because it helps me to decide what's worth my while buying. Have you even done this little exercise? Tell me, what did you come up with - what's your most favourite one?



  1. Well described Natalie, I too have been thinking lately about what I like to see best on my own layouts and you've made me think harder. I really love the page you've created and I love the title with the mix of solid and skeleton letters.

  2. I think I've reached that stage with my scrapping that I can see a "style" evolving. Things that I do mo often, the things that make me love a LO when it's done. Which so totally helps when I'm all excited and caught up in the moment scrappy shopping.

  3. I love your style natalie - This page is fantastic (especially that super-long title and the gorgeous photo of your girls :)

  4. I get distracted by all the PRETTY stuff you can buy....never seem to be organised enough to think what I like/don't...& switch it up too often to even work out what my style is EXCEPT I think i scrap 'bold' would be my only real thing....LOVE your title, really LOOOOOOVE it!!!!

  5. This is lovely! I love your style - it's very recognisable. I love bright bold colour and I love layers!!! :D

  6. I love your style : wish I could describe mine lol


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