Wednesday, June 19, 2013

The Story of Being Awesome

Struggle, struggle, struggle. That's how I've been feeling lately with my scrapping. Probably because I've been trying to make something 'to order' rather than just having fun. And I've been trying too hard to make pages that are 'special' instead of realising that every page is special when it captures a particular moment in time.

I mucked around for hours with this page. It's rather busy isn't it?
I like it in parts. I like the editing on the photo, it's pretty funky. I like the Silhouette cut title - and ended up being happier using the negative part of it rather than the actual words. And I like the modern colour scheme that I probably wouldn't have tried otherwise.

I giggled with glee when I posted this sneak on Instagram (user name: natalieelph) and asked people what they were using to adhere these fabulous Heidi Swapp alphas with and I got a million suggestions including what must be the 'real' answer from Heidi herself!
Why am I struggling to make specific layouts you might ask? Well this was attempt No.2 (out of 3) to use an 'engaging 5x7" photo' in order to apply for the Scrapbooking Memories Masters Competition. Something I've never done before. Over the next couple of weeks I'll share with you all my 'failed' attempts. You know I never hold anything back from complete honesty here on my blog!

I love my crazy youngest daughter. Every so often she decides it's a day to become a super hero and she zooms about here and there shouting "Super-Myah to the rescue" with her fist in the air. We don't have any specific cape or outfit so on this day she donned an Australian flag instead. She's a wacky one with an awesome sense of adventure!

PS. Heidi Swapp uses her Xyron sticker maker and swears you can't see the adhesive ;-)


  1. Ooh, good luck with the masters ...sounds like I need to send up a prayer or two for you:):):) you're as bad as me....did you see val thorpes about just what you're saying?
    I think you'll find it inspiring:):):):)....& to me this is NOT over busy at all....just saying......:):):):)

  2. Natalie, thank you so much for visiting my blog I really really appreciate it and yes I have been feeling this same way for a time now and I have not even gone to that mag for publishing of ANY kind yet and that is exactly why I haven't either because the rejection is kind of personal for me. Why aren't I good enough. I look at other layouts and think its nice but why is it better than mine... I know there are loads of people out there who say they feel like this but they don't seem to struggle. I hear you LOUD and CLEAR and I am so glad that I found you. I am away for three weeks but will be back to visit on my return. I want to follow this story and your process... BTW I love your layout.

  3. I was going to say that looked like a bigger photo than normal for you. Love that your own style still shows through. Good luck with the entries.

  4. Totally hear what you are saying. I keep reminding myself its about getting the memories down & as long as I am happy with it. The colour scheme looks fantastic and what a gorgeous pic. I love how you have done the title and the journalling on the page,it all tells the story


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