Sunday, June 16, 2013

The Story of the Harvest

Having an orchard back on my parent's farm has many benefits. There's always something to pick and a new crop to harvest. Autumn this year has seen us with an abundance of pistachios and green apples. Apple crumble is a firm favourite - especially with a crunchy roast pistachio crust. Yumm!

I took my inspiration for this layout first from the apples themselves as I punched out rows of circles from green paper. Then in one of those rare strokes of genius I realised I could fill them with bunches of round Evalicious products.

Firstly came the Badge Buttons. That one was kind of obvious.
Then I thought of all the different 1" circle stamps Evalicious has produced. These were just the perfect fit. I stamped them seperately before punching them out and mounting them on foam tape to give some dimension.

Happy accident about the design of this page actually ..... I originally planned on filling all those punched-out circles with different embellishments and then leaving it at that. As you've seen from my many videos I usually arrange my page how I like it and then start the tedious process of gluing it all down. That inevitably means lifting everything up again to put the glue underneath. As I moved all the filled circles above and below the punched out sheet I realised it looked much better that way so it stayed!


I like the contrast of the circles compared to the negative sheet from which they were punched. And I sure do like happy mistakes which end up as creative serendipity :-)

Evalicious Supplies:


  1. Really, really, REALLY clever & it looks totally FABULOUS.....oh, Evalicious yumminess *sigh*.....

  2. I love how you used the circles, FABULOUS layout!


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