Saturday, November 30, 2013

The Story of Her New Do

I was super-chuffed to have this layout requested for the Imaginarium Designs blog before it had even dried on my scrap table! I shared a little sneak on my Instagram, and apparently that was enough to convince them ;-) The post with this layout and another card went live earlier in the month, and you can see it here.

It's true that the fabulous Imaginarium Designs chipboard feather became a focal-point of my layout embellishment. It's quite something isn't it? I absolutely adore it, but if I can be honest... it actually wasn't planned for this layout at all. It was destined for a card project that just wasn't working for me, so off it came.

There it happily sat on my scrapbook desk in a pile of similarly (discarded) embellishments waiting for the perfect project to come along. It experimentally made it's way onto many more layouts, trying it out this way and that way to figure out where it would fit but to no avail. And then in a frenzy of creative passion I started piecing this layout together with all that was surrounding me at the time, and the feather found a home at last.

Does it represent anything in this layout's story? Nope, don't think so. It's just pretty. Same with the deers. I really like deers, they're definitely my Christmas icon of choice, but for this layout they really have no clear purpose or direction, apart from the fact I like them! Perhaps it would be easy enough to suggest they represent a mother and her offspring, or that I think of my daughter as my 'dear-est'.
Yeah. Let's go with that!

The story of this one is how my youngest insisted on getting a hair cut recently. It's only the second one in her 4 years so as you can imagine her hair was quite long. But without hesitation when the hairdresser asked her what she wanted she replied, "I want my hair all cut off like Mummy". Well we didn't quite go as drastic as that and settled on this cute bob-cut instead, but I was rather chuffed at the idea she wanted to emulate me :-)



  1. Hoooold on to that it away for a rainy teenager-ish 'anti everything' day!!!!! Then you can begin your story with 'Once upon a time, there was a little girl who wanted to be just like her DEER, DEER mother...' :):):)!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    Meanwhile, it really is a DEER, sweet page...really nice:) And the feather has found its perfect home...everything comes to those who wait.....even gold feathers, eh???!!!!!!!!!! Congratulations on Imaginarium loving your LO. It's a ......groan....DEEER!!!!!!!!!!!!

  2. Natalie the layout is gorgeous, love the treatment on the feather and the haircut, well that's really cute.

  3. bless her....definitely a moment that needed a layout and a gorgeous one at that too x

  4. Nother beautiful layout Natalie. Gorgeous work x


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