Sunday, December 1, 2013

The Story of the 10th Anniversary Album

At the very last minute I've decided I might try and attempt another December Daily this year. Not too sure how successful I'll be. Maybe calling it a Documenting December album will be more accurate. Possibly.

This is not it of course...

When I say I decided at the last minute to attempt a DD I mean here I am on Dec 1st and I've managed to finish the front cover but not even photograph it, and I certainly haven't done anything inside it! So instead I thought I'd share a different mini-album I completed earlier in the year that I never blogged (because it was published before I ever had a chance to get it up here!)

Back in January The Man and I celebrated our 10th wedding anniversary. We had originally planned a trip to Japan, just the 2 of us. But upon further contemplation of the fact I had the biggest exams of my life pending in February, and then again in October we thought it wiser to hold off. He still took me on a romantic weekend away though, and this album tells the story of that.

Not your ordinary album with pages, I took a little twist with this one. The album base is all one piece of folded card with a series of pockets into which I've placed tags and cards to pull out individually. That allowed me to tuck in all the photos (with journaling on the back) as well as little bits of ephemera we collected on the trip. And when it started to get a bit bulky I tied a ribbon all around it to make sure it stays together securely.

All the patterned papers are from the Amy Tangerine Sketchbook collection (yep - still digging this!) I needed to keep all the embellishments fairly flat so I've stuck with plenty of Silhouette cuts and stickers.

Hopefully I'll be back soon blogging my Documenting December album.
Or at least my front cover ;-)

Welcome to the festive season!!



  1. Love this!!! Such a great idea :).

  2. Fabulous ! Especially that adventure light bulb on the front!!! Great idea with the fold over're ahead of me with the mini idea......just don't seem to get to them......still, looking forward to seeing yours on Jan 1st.......2015???!!!!:):):):))))

  3. Ahhh...a wonderful and very pretty reminder of your anniversary. My Christmas journal is all about documenting December...a photo a day and a few words...look forward to seeing yours x

  4. A great reminder of a special time, love the pockets to hold lots of photos.

  5. This is a great idea and fabulous way to mark the occasion. Beautiful mini

  6. Love it Natalie, will have to CASE this for a class next year!


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