Monday, September 15, 2014

Preggers ETA: Answers to more questions!

If you're a follower of mine on either my Facebook page or my Instagram then you might have already seen this announcement... but just in case you aren't... or you haven't....

Apparently this first one was a little cryptic for some people. Sorry, that wasn't really the intention. Although I do like to make you ponder a little ;-) I think the one below is a bit more obvious.

And just in case you still haven't got it (!!) then this should clear up any misconceptions....

To preemptively answer a few of your questions....
  • Yes I'm feeling very well. Thankyou for asking. 
  • Tikvah the Third (our in-utero baby name) is due in March.
    • Tikvah is Hebrew for hope. 
    • It's a name we chose at complete random out of the baby name book when we were trying to decide with Bethany. It's a name that has since been passed down to each one of our swimming fetus'
  • Nope, don't actually know the sex. At least not yet. Not entirely sure if we'll reveal it to everyone even if/when we do find out. Haven't decided yet. 
  • No, I really don't think this one will be 6kg. Or at least, I sure hope not! (That reference will also only make sense if you follow me on Instagram!) 
  •  Apart from the last photo, which is a selfie, the others were taken by my talented, and equally crafty sister.
Was there anything else?



  1. Yeah...of COURSE! a/ Do you KNOW the sex & b/ are you telling? Or should the TKVAH reference answer that one???? And what on EARTH does TIKVAH mean???? See.....always, always the questions!!!! And I rather liked the school one...& who took the photos? They are AWESOME!! Sorry. Obv too much time on my hands!!

  2. A really big congratulations! I absolutely loved the photos you shared.

  3. Thank you:):) now the curiosity is satisfied...& hats off to your VERY talented sis from me.....& I think Tikvah is a LOVELY in- utero or whatever the term is, name:):):))) Will be fun to wait & see what you do if/when u know the sex if anything .... !!!!!!! Off now to make a baby card for my BFF's son who have NOT revealed the sex - or even found out, as far as we know..I've decided it's a boy (50% chance I figure) blue is a-coming up this arvo:):))

  4. Love the blackboard announcement! The oldest girl can help you (perhaps make you a snack:)!

  5. Congratulations! the photo with 5 is great!


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