Saturday, September 13, 2014

The Story of the Good Life

A while ago the lovely Anna-Maria offered some digital journal card freebies on her blog. Designed and painted by herself, they were just too good to pass up and I instantly downloaded them! The bright colours and watercoloured fruits reminded me of these photos I took of the girls in the orchard at Easter.

I figured it would all work together nicely to make a good Handbook spread. With no particular event to document here I just journalled about how it's awesome to be able to wander out on the farm and pick fresh fruit to your heart's content. I'm glad we can still give our girls opportunities like this whenever we go back to visit my parent's home.

I otherwise used the Camelot Project Life Kit because all the bright colours worked perfectly, and the wood veneer pieces were a great touch to help represent nature and trees and all that jazz. I think it's become one of my favourite PL Kits to date - the diecut labels are particularly awesome.

I'll be back real soon to share some exciting news ;-)



  1. Haha....fruit....seeds....growth.....GOT that exciting news....& I really, REALLY liked the 2 [that I saw, anyways] 'imaginative' ways of sharing it! Especially the math one. That took me a bit. Don't do math!!! AND that means you're only a month behind when my next grandSON is being I guess, since they found out recently, you won't be long off finding out the sex....or will you NOT want to know???? Interesting..... & will you tell the girls if you do??? Oooooh.....I hope you don't have a 13lber or whatever it was....LOL.....course you won't!!! CONGRATULATIONS to y'all.....again;)

  2. Oh wow these pages are amazing and I am loving the cards, went and downloaded them, so a big thank you for sharing the link. Your girls are just absolutely GORGEOUS Natalie.


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