Tuesday, June 30, 2015

Bethany's Jan and Feb pages

Despite bloggy silence I've actually been crafting up quite a storm lately. I've got so much to share so it's really time I got on with it. Over the next couple of weeks I'll try and get caught up. I know I'll find that easier to do if I tell myself I don't have to write an essay every time. And lets be honest, it's sometimes hard to read everything on someone else's blog post. Sometimes pictures are enough. So I'll write stuff about products and stories when I feel like it, and leave it off when I don't. Deal?

I've been quite focused on Project Life recently and have spent my time doing this rather than a lot of layouts. A change can be quite refreshing for the creative soul. I've done lots and lots of pages in Judah's baby album (I'll tell you more about that another day) so at the beginning of June I decided to go back and start doing pages for each of the girls. They have separate albums and I'm doing a single page for each month.

I'm aiming for each page to have a mixture of photos, kid art, PL cards and of course plenty of stories. I know that often makes my pages look very 'eclectic' and not so cohesive, and they're always very very colourful, but that's just how I roll.

I'm also realising more and more that I have a real problem with white space. Like... if I see a blank area I just want to fill it with stuff! For example, that grey card above was lovely and simple with just the typed white words. Then I wrote the story underneath and decided it was unbalanced and needed something at the top. My newest Kellie Stamps brunch set (available for preorder on the 1st) was perfect. Is it now too much? Maybe. Probably! But that's ok.

A chunk of January was taken up with me and the girls putting together our Big Picture Classes Creating with Kids class (available here if you're interested) so this needed a few pockets dedicated to it. The photo of course, and the artwork on either side of it was made by Bethany at the time.

One of the best parts about creating these pages 6 months behind is that I actually get to use the most recent seasonal cards coming in my Studio Calico PL kits as soon as I get them. That's usually impossible for me here in Australia! And I'm so glad because I am in love with the latest Galileo kit and it's summery cards!

Apart from using pretty filler cards I'm also making an effort to put some of my homemade cards that I've been making as part of my 100 Day Project into the albums as well. The Origami Map stamp from Neat and Tangled made an awesome card that quickly became one of my favourites. I originally thought it would be great for a travel page, but I think it works just as well here next to the photo representing Bethany beginning music lessons in February. Go and do amazing things indeed!

I'll make the titles of these posts real obvious so that both you and I can keep track of what I've shared! Sound ok?


  1. Love it! I think your ecclectic, non-cohesive look is awesome. I can't do it! We all have our different styles don't we? Love the ice cream cone cards :) Looking forward to seeing more as you play bloggy catch up!

    1. I so admire the white-space clean and graphic pages. I just can't do it!! I do love those ice cream cards too. More coming soon ;-)

  2. LOL..... you do what you wanna do & I'll just giggle and follow along. I must say, I prefer a bloggy 'chat' than instagram. Too quick for me!!! AND my fave is that photo of the girls school unformed legs....well, not their uniformed LEGS. But YKWIM....& you gotta tell the story...that's WAAAAY more important than pretty white space. Something I have a problem with myself, to be honest:):)


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