Wednesday, June 3, 2015

June Jot Mood Board

This is probably the most fun and interesting card I've made in a long time. Not because it was difficult or features a favourite product or had any profoundly new technique involved. Just because it's a little bit different :-) And different can be a disaster or it can be a breakthrough.

I'm hoping I've struck the breakthrough this time?
Anyway, it's my own fault I got into this situation. You see, I had the opportunity to design the Mood Board challenge at Jot Magazine for this month. It looks a little something like this....

I honestly put it together just by choosing elements that are speaking to me at the moment. Hot pink, red, lime and kelly green. Which first lead to candy, which led me to watermelons, which lead to black and white spots.... and somehow flamingos got thrown into the mix as well. I certainly didn't put it together with any particular project already in mind. That would be like cheating ;-)

So when I went to make my own sample I started tossing stuff around in my usual manner. I pulled out lots of things with the colours I was after and began building up my layers. But somehow it just wasn't working. Then the lightning bolt went off! I remembered this small 4x4" sample painting of a watermelon when I was teaching Bethany how to waterpaint her fruit series earlier in the year. The colours were just right, the theme was perfect and all it needed was a little trimming down. I stuck it on my card, added a sentiment and that was it!

Of course, just like all my cards I couldn't help but add a few splashes of ink at the end. But that seemed fitting as well - it's like the watermelon juice has dripped everywhere. As it does!

I'd love to see how you interpret the challenge though. Lots of the Jot Girls have worked the flamingo into their layouts which I love too. What part inspires you?
The winner of this month's challenge will receive a gift voucher for the lovely Cocoa Vanilla shop.

All the challenge details are here. Will you play along?



  1. Looks fabulous! Gorgeous mood the watermelon on your card and the vellum sentiment. YUM! In more ways than one!!!


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