Sunday, October 18, 2015

Catching up with Easter

Oh I've been a bad blogger again. Even worse, I've had these pages sitting here in draft format for... I don't know... a couple of months now!

So yes, these are my Easter pages. One page each for the two girls (although Bethany's will go alongside a layout I made on the same topic, which makes hers appear like a double-spread. Especially since it follows the same colour scheme).

I've used my Studio Calico Lisse Street PL kit, alongside some cards from the Becky Higgins High Five edition for the sort of traditional pastel colours of Easter but with a pop of lime green included.

I've used similar cards for Moriah's spread too, and kept my embellishments to a minimum. I didn't need to add very much with all the bright colours here anyway.

Love getting little bits of their artwork into my spreads! 

And is it bad that I'm almost glad I had a story to tell to go with that 'meh' card?!! LOL!

Coming up sometime soon on my blog..... my Mother's Day spreads! Maybe don't hold your breath for that one ;-)


  1. Come on! You're doing fine.....much more advanced than some of your Christmas bits??!!!! These look lovely. I'm a bit of a fan of green and pink atm. I think they look so lovely together!!

  2. No you are not a bad blogger at all! And I love these pages Nat!


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