Saturday, June 25, 2016

January's Project Life Spread

I'm so behind at sharing my Project Life spreads here... sorry!!
I'm taking a different approach this year with my album and I'm only making one for the whole family (which contrasts to the separate albums I had for each of the kids last year)

And so what I'm going to do is a double-spread for each month, as well as extra pages for special events and holidays and whatnot.
So I need you to imagine that the two images above go side by side. The top one is the left hand side and the bottom is the right. In the future I will obviously need to take photos of them in that configuration!

And now here's a whole bunch of detail photos so you can check it out close up!

This bulky embellishment is actually a bit of memorabilia that I wanted to include in the album. It's the invitation my brother and his new fiance used to ask Bethany and Moriah to be their flower girls at their upcoming wedding. It's a bit too big to keep in the plastic pocket so I'm gluing it to the outside instead ;-)

As per usual I'm trying desperately hard to use my giant stash of Studio Calico Documenter kits. I'm still a subscriber so they keep coming to my door (which I'm very happy about!) I just need to use them more! It's a little hard to kill a whole kit when you're only making a spread a month, so I probably just need to think up more 'occasions' that need to be included so I can make more pages ;-)

So yes, whilst I'm only getting around to sharing my January spread with you I am a lot more up to date than this. Not up to the actual date... but much closer than 6 months behind! I've even photographed everything last weekend, so now I just need to get to and edit them and get them up here.

Better stay tuned I guess!



  1. Love seeing your stuff! Thanks for posting.

  2. Looking great! Sounds a good idea doing one album for the year for everyone! That invite is way cute....& of course, love how you do lots of writing:):)


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