Wednesday, June 15, 2016

Jot Magazine Issue 14

If you haven't downloaded your FREE copy of the latest issue of Jot Magazine yet then you are missing out. It's hard to imagine that they keep getting bigger and brighter and more inspirational with each passing issue but it's true. This one is jam-packed!

I'm so lucky to be a Jot Girl! It means I have the honour of making a few projects to appear in the magazine and this month I tackled two of the gallery themes.
The first one was for the 'Stencil' gallery.

That'll be fairly straightforward I thought. I've got LOTS of stencils in my stash I thought. Anyway, it turns out it was one of those occasions where having too much of something can be a bad thing. Meaning I stared at all my stencils and had so many choices that I hit a bit of a road-block from the early stages with lots of half-ideas but no clear direction.

Anyway, I put my dilemma out there on Instagram and you all encouraged me and suggested things and before I knew it I I had crafted up this rainbow coloured birthday card with it's scattering of brightly coloured sequins! I'm really happy with how fun this is! Thanks to all my loyal support team out there!

I also did a Project Life spread for the 'Adding Text to Photos' gallery.
To be honest, a lot of the time I try to make the gallery themes fit into pages that I already have on my to-do list rather than creating special pages just for the prompt. I was just starting our family Project Life album for the year and had only reached as far as our Australia Day celebrations and so that became the subject of my page!

Lots of green and gold of course, and I had to crack out my Australia die from Studio Calico because that was an obvious choice too! And never fear - there is a little Tasmania floating around somewhere, it does exist on the die... I just think I lost him somewhere ;-)

As for the actual 'text on photos' bit, well I kept that fairly simple I admit. I used a Kellie Stamps digital stamp and applied it directly to my photo before printing. By adding an outline and a drop shadow I gave it a bit more dimension and helped it jump off the page a bit. Every little tip helps right?

So anyway, my contribution was a little brief this Issue, but that's because we had so much content this time around that some of it is getting saved for the next one!! That's a little while away, so in the meantime make sure you get THIS issue and be ready to be awed by the fabulousness inside!
Find all the details HERE.



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