Friday, September 22, 2017

Letters to Tikvah

Tikvah has been our 'in utero' name for each of our pregnancies. It began with our first baby. Not knowing her sex and therefore having double the options of names, we were finding it hard. One day I opened the Name Book at a random page and stuck my finger out with my eyes closed. "We're going to call the baby.... Tikvah!" I exclaimed as I read what I was pointing at.

And so it stuck.

Moriah became Tikvah II, Judah was Tikvah III and Shiloh was called Tikvah IV.

I started creating Shiloh's baby album whilst I was still pregnant, and one of the things I wanted to do was to get the other kids to contribute. I asked each of them to write her a letter - welcoming her to the family, detailing some hopes they have for the future, and whatever else they wanted to include. Judah was less than 2 at the time so his is more like a bunch of scribbles... but I love it just the same!

I tucked each letter into a little pocket, and this became the first page in her baby album.
It makes me happy!


  1. Such a beautiful story....and I've always wondered what Tikvah was after often noticing the hashtag. I love the amount of documenting you squeeze into your albums and layouts... I know one day looking back those little words and scribbles will be far more valuable than any filler card.

    1. Thanks Mardi! I am really passionate about documenting as much as I can, and journaling all the details. And sometimes it means I fill up lots and lots of cards with my handwriting which sometimes makes me think my albums look too 'messy'. But I remind myself of what you just said... in years to come I'll be grateful I did it this way rather than just having all the pretty cards ;-)

  2. How very sweet! My first was called Jedadiah for quite a while while in utero, it was given to the baby from his cousin. I still have a picture that he colored for Cole but it was titled "for Jedadiah"


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