Wednesday, January 20, 2010


There's 2 reasons why I'm calling this post 'Lucky'.

One is this layout I did yesterday

The journaling reads "We're so lucky that when Bethany first met Moriah she said "she's so cute". We're so lucky that all Bethany wants to do with Moriah is pat her and stroke her and check her all over. And she regularly says "I love my new baby sister". We're so lucky to have not one, but two beautiful girls."

If you follow my blog you may notice a few familiarities on this layout. Like the purple felt bunting on the border. They were the offcuts of making the felt bunting from the last layout. And the purple deer has been sitting on my desk ever since I made that single card from a few posts ago. And the doves, well they just happened to be pretty stickers that were left on my daughters scrap table (yes, the 'borrowing' goes both ways!)

The second reason I'm feeling lucky is because I've won two prizes on different blogs in the last few days. Both based completely on chance, no skill involved! So, lucky me!


  1. Great lay out and well done on the wins! Nip out and buy a lottery ticket while your luck is in! x


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