Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Oh the Choices....

Does anyone else dream scrapbooks? Does anyone else have that inspired layout idea come to them just as they're drifting off to sleep? When you have to decide whether it's worth getting up and sketching it, or do you just try and remember it again in the morning?

That surely is a sign of the obsessive. Although maybe it's not so bad if I choose to wait until the morning.

The only other problem with this is that usually my ideas in my sleep never quite match up with reality. Like, I'm not quite good enough to work out the right dimensions and measurements. So while my dreamed layout has all this negative space, I find that my photos are actually a lot bigger when I put them on my page. Or my patterned papers are a slightly different colour than I think they are. Anyway, I'm rambling.

So I dreamed this layout the other day, and then tried to put it together. My main problem was that I couldn't decide whether to use my Crate Paper products or my Sassafras Lass products, as these are 2 of my top 3 manufacturers of the moment. (Can anyone guess who my 3rd is?)

In the end the solution was easy ...... just use both!

The journaling reads, "you went through a stage where you insisted on taking photos of us (seems only fair). However, you kept pointing the camera the wrong way."


  1. oooo i did this for a DT comp once and it was all so perfect in my head and when I tried to put it on paper it was a disaster! never again!
    but your's looks great!

  2. that is funny I do the same thing. Although mine never seem to be as good as in my dream!!
    I seem to continually have blocks. Lucky for you this turned out GREAT!! I don't even think you need to wake up!!

    Me xx


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