Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Your Time Starts.... Now

I taught my first class on the weekend. At least, that's what I would like to think! In actual fact it was really just 2 of my friends who came over so we could put together an album for a close friend who is moving away soon. It was a fun day apart from the oppressive heat. And 6 hours later (!) we had a pretty decent album full of bad photos and great memories. I say bad photos because most of the ones we used were before the age of digital cameras, so it's all red eyes and poor exposure. But it's the memories associated with the photos that make it count.

Here's a bit of a look at what we put together between the 3 of us. I won't tell you which pages I did and which they did because I don't think you would otherwise be able to tell the difference. These girls were naturals!


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