Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Second Winner

I've decided it's time.

Time to draw another Mad Madness Giveaway winner.

So by random chance (chosen my Munchy) the prize I'm drawing today is Giveaway #3: Delectable Die-cuts and Bling. 

And chosen by a Random Number Generator (for reals this time!) the winner is......

*** JEN from Jen Shears Designs ***

 Congratulations Jen - shoot me an email with your address. But I'm not posting them just yet, because there's still time to win more!

Speaking of which, the following people more 'free' entries into any prize they want (if they want)
More comments = more entries :-)

5 entries for Kelly Massman
4 entries for Peggy, Karen B, Sarah Lou and Aussiescrapper
3 entries for Chloe
2 entries for Valerie and Jen
1 entry for Blondeone, Sarah, Pam, Mandysea, Tettiz, Illy, Carrie, RStovall, and Lynnette Davis

There are still 6 prizes to go, and plenty of time to enter so hop to it!!


  1. Congrats Jen!! Enjoy your prize :-). Thanks for the extra entries Natalie :-)

  2. Woohoo!!! I'm feeling super lucky! Thank you so much for this AND the extra entries!

  3. Congratulations Jen!!! thank you for the extra entries!!!!!


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