Wednesday, May 12, 2010

I'm sew so sad

That I can't get my sewing machine to work right now.
All I did was take out the needle to clean it (lots of sewing through double-sided tape on all my layouts had gummed it up a bit!), put it back in again....... and now it's not working. Hhhmmm, does anyone know anything about sewing machines? Could it have anything to do with the fact that it's got to be about 50 years old??! This sewing machine was given to me by my mother, and it was her mother's before that.

In celebration of what could be the end of my sewing machine's life, here's a layout I haven't shared with you where I put my sewing machine to really good use!

At first glance you might not notice. But all those blue and red lines that make it look like notepaper are actually all sewn on. It just started off as a plain piece of Crate Paper (the b-side from a paper in the Orbit collection). I got the idea from a little project Rubyellen did where she was writing love letters to her husband on the sewing machine. It was from a few months ago so I don't have the right link to the specific project I'm afraid, but go and visit her blog anyway. Lots of lovely stuff.

You all know how crazy I am for getting journalling onto every layout I do, so this is just taking it to the extreme :) I've journalled all about how we decided on Moodle's name, and then pretty soon after she was born she gained a nickname anyway!

All the embellishments are just fussy-cut from a piece of Sassafras Lass Sweet Marmalade paper and topped off with some SL brads. And the alphas are Cosmo Cricket.
A simple layout, but I love it so much :)

To spread the love, I'm giving the following people 2 free extra entries into the May Madness Giveaway (if they want to claim them).
 - Claire
 - Sarah Lou
 - Chloe
 - Peggy
 - Aussiescrapper
 - Blondeone
 - Tettiz
 - Anazelia
 - Karen B.
I'm giving away these extra entries to these lovely and loyal supporters of my blog for recent comments they have made. But I truly do appreciate each and every one of you - the commenters and the lurkers alike :) And of course, everyone is still free to enter as many of the giveaways as they want by following the rest of the 'rules'.


  1. Another gorgeous LO Natalie :-) all that stitching!!! :-( about your sewing machine. I don't even have a sewing machine and I am HAND stitching on a LO ATM - it's taking me FOREVER!!! LOL

    Thanks for more entries!! You are so lovely :-)


  2. Thank you Natalie
    for the free entries :-)
    good luck with the sewing machine

  3. Firstly, wow that is an amazing layout, all that sewing, looks just like a journal page, and I am not so good at journalling so perhaps a layout where I go to the extremes would be a great idea too. I love Moodles, I have poodles but the maltese cross are super gorgeous, mine are in bed with their jumpers on tonight, they are super spoilt and 13 and 8 years old. Thank you so much for the extra entries, it's a pleasure to visit your blog. Melissaxxx

  4. RIP ( mr/mrs) sewing machine. I hold hopes that one day your mumma can revive you!
    I had to go back ad re look at the photos - I love the school page stitching really brings it to another dimension!!!!!! and can I just say that lil floral brad ( yellow with white n pink flowers!)- divine!!!

    ps i would very much like extra entries - you rock chicken!!!!
    Thank you so muchly!

  5. I love that you did so much journaling on this one! The colorful touches are great, too!

  6. I'd like to pick up those extra entries too, and just commented on my "wish!" How very clever and creative of you and thank you....

    Ok, now on to this fantastic utterly gorgeous layout. It is amazing. Simply amazing. Its got to be that much more intricate in person too, a treasure for years to come.

    And lastly, that is too bad to hear about your sewing machine, I sure hope you can find someone to doctor it up. Or get a new one and treasure the old for the memories!

  7. I wasn't finished marvelling over your awesome way of journaling yet, when I noticed my name ... thanks for the extra entries Natalie! I haven't had time to go through all of the rules yet, but I will this weekend, I promise, I would love to play!

    Now, back to the journaling ... would you mind terribly if I "stole" that idea from you? I love the sewing to create journaling lines, the effect is awesome!

    Sorry to hear about your sewing machine ... can't help you there I'm afraid. I too own my grandmother's sewing machine now, and everytime something's not working, I have to run back to my mommy LOL.

    Love xxx Peggy


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