Saturday, May 1, 2010

A Week in the Life - Saturday

Oh, I enjoy the sleep-in on the weekend. Even if the sleep-in really only means 9am.
And I never know what I'm going to wake up to. This morning it was The Man trying to get crafty with Munchy because she had asked him to make her into a snail!

He struggled a bit at first (mainly with getting those antennae to stick in her hair) but they got there in the end :)

After lunch he took both girls to the park, which allowed me some quiet time to finish my first DT submission for a yet-to-be-announced new team I'm on (!!!!)

After naps for the girls, Munchy and I also had some crafty time and worked on the 'bird project' I've been promising her for the past few days. I'll post the photos of the finished product another day.

Dinner was the left over risotto from last night. A common scene at our house is trying to convince Munchy to eat all of her dinner in a timely manner. She would sit there for hours mucking around if we let her.

A bit of time to chill before the bed-time rush begins.

 The Man decided to be very brave and have a shower with both the girls. I don't think he'll be repeating the experience any time soon.

Now what to do.
Maybe some scrappy time :)


  1. I sooo understand what you mean by a sleep-in being until 9 am... ;) I have a little 2-year-old at home and she's an early bird.

    I'll sneak around here a bit to check out your creations! :D

  2. I guess family life in Australia isn't too different from life here in America. Fun post!

  3. Had a bit of a giggle... great photos though!!!

  4. Hi Nat, what an incredible woman you have become!!! Coping with motherhood to your 2 precious girls and being a wife AND working as a doctor!!!! Can see that your creative side has grown and developed, you are incredibly talented. I'm proud of you Nat. God Bless. Lynne


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