Sunday, May 2, 2010

Wanna win a subscription to Studio Calico?

If you want to be in with a chance of picking up a 6-month subscription to Studio Calico's kit club (and trust me you do - this subscription is worth it's weight in gold!) then here's what you have to do....

1. Register on the Studio Calico forum as a new user here.

2. Then post a comment here saying that I referred you so that we can both win (be sure to use my username: nati). I don't care if you never make another post on the forum again, but just do this one for the both of us!!

3. If you do both of those things and let me know by commenting on this post then I'll give you 5 extra entries into the May Madness giveaway of your choice that I'll be having on my blog in the coming month (yes there will be more than one giveaway, and no you don't want to miss it!)

Now: the only catch to all of this is......
You have to do it right NOW because it ends on midnight Sunday (Studio Calico time - which means we've got a few extra hours up our sleeve here in Australia, but you don't want to cut it too fine!)


  1. oh and by the way I sent you an email, did you get it?

  2. Amanda,
    can you send me the email with your address again because I haven't received it for some reason. I've even checked my junk mail. ?? I don't know why that has happened. Sorry

  3. Hi Natalie! I did it!! I wasn't sure what the time difference was but when I posted it said it was still Sunday so YAY!!!


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