Tuesday, March 6, 2012


Calvinball? Have you heard of this before (in the scrapping world I mean?)

So I've been doing a bit of hanging out in the Jenni Bowlin Studios Mercantile forum this month because 1) it's a cool place to be and the girls are so friendly there, and 2) because I just so happen to be the Guest Designer this month! EEEEEEEKKKKkkkkkkkk!!! Can you believe it? I just about fell over when I got an email from Doris Sander asking if I would be interested, except I was already in bed so that was lucky (anyone else check their email first thing in the morning before their eyes have even adjusted to the light? Or is that just me?)

Oh my gosh, the DT at JBS are second to none! It's like a roll call of all my scrappy idols in one place, and I am so nervous that my work is going to be alongside theirs in direct comparison. But as I said, the girls are so friendly and have been so encouraging. My gallery reveal is on the 10th, so I'll just show you some sneaks for now ok?

Anyway, back to the Calvinball story....
So the idea is that this is a blogging and scrapping challenge that runs for the whole month of March and you accumulate points as you go along. The interesting part is that the rules are pretty much made up along the way and can change at any time!

Currently as it stands the scoring is as follows:
layouts = 1 point
The layout is the gold standard. All other projects are measured against the almighty layout. For example, 4 cards = 1 point, 2 mini-album spreads = 1 point, altered art pointage is awarded at the viewers discretion (there might be arguments. It's calvinball).

Blogging every day = 1 point, but if you blog after missing a day then it's only 1/2 a point. 

Scrapping for a challenge = a bonus point

Linking on Facebook and/or Pinterest = 1 point

And there's plenty more new rules to come I'm sure!
So I'm currently starting on a measly 3 points, far below the bar that's already been set by Celeste Smith who's already up to 15. But there's time. There's definately time :-)

For a start, I'm going to have 5 JBS layouts and a mini-album to collect on. That's right, I created all that in a mere 48 hours!! That's some kind of new record for me I'm sure. But the new Magpie collection which is featured in this month's Papercrafting Kit is stunning, and a perfect match for me. So all you Calvinball girls better watch out because at this pace you'll be eating my dust :-)


  1. Wow that's so exciting Natalie!! Congratulations can't wait to see your layouts for JBS, the sneaks look fabbo! :)

  2. Wooooooooooot Ive been stalking the JBI blog to see when this would be announced!!!!!! WTG!!!!!


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  4. yay natalie! but the rules have already changed! TWO cards = 1 point! i'm going to be cranking out some cards for easy points now!

  5. Natalie, I am so glad you are our guest! I have been an admirer of your work for a while!! I am sooooo excited to see what you have made. I am absolutely intrigued by your sneaks. TRULY!!


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