Saturday, March 10, 2012

I'm The Only One Who Can Love You Like That

When I heard that one of our weekly challenge themes at was going to be "Gelati" last month I was so excited! So many possibilities came to mind about photos I could scrap, colour combos it evoked, techniques it inspired, etc etc.

I was assigned the Base Jump challenge which is where I start off giving you the bare basics of a page and you get to take it from there. It's always fun to see the totally different interpretations of the page by different people. But I feel like I have to keep it fairly simple and straight-forward, at least to begin with. Which is not necessarily a bad thing, and I do love a bit of linear scrapping every now and then. As long as I can still fling around a bit of paint at the end!!

I went with a lot of quite bright colours for my page, which isn't perhaps what you first think of with the theme of "Gelati" but it just seemed to work much better with these pictures of Moodles enjoying her (almost neon) frozen treat at her birthday dinner.

I'm really trying hard to include more memorabilia on my pages this year as I think it will be an extra meaningful touch in time to come, so I've included one of my daughters birthday cards right in the midst of my layout. With plenty of embellishment around it you can barely even notice it as a birthday card hey?


Calvinball points = 2
Calvinblog points = 1
Total = 13.5


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