Sunday, March 18, 2012

Falling and Flying

When I did my 'interview' for Jenni Bowlin they asked me which was my favourite project made with this months kits. Given I made 5 layouts and a mini-album at least I wasn't stuck for choice :-) Ultimately this one got my vote ....

In my mind 'favourite' doesn't necessarily mean best, although I do love how this turned out. I think a lot of the satisfaction came from finally finishing this layout in a way that was pleasing to me because I was on the verge of calling it quits for a while.

I had the idea of cutting up a bunch of the tickets from the My Mind's Eye paper in the Mini-Album add-on and mixing them up with the JBS perforated stamps from the beginning. But I must have gone through a million different arrangements before I settled with this. And I don't mean changing the position of colours, I mean different designs of laying these out around the page. And different backgrounds. And different alphas. And different photo placement... the list goes on.

..... and you thought it all came so effortlessly!!! LOL!

And the other reason it became a favourite is because this is a page about one of those 'big moments'. I snapped this selfie on my 30th birthday a couple of months ago, and used this page to document my thoughts on the accomplishments and failures of the past year. The title "Falling and Flying" is inspired by an Aussie HipHop album of the same name just becasue it just seemed appropriate (I haven't even heard it!) There are plenty of things that I'm good at and I'm proud of achieving, but that's balanced easily by the things that I'm still working on and I wanted to be realistic about that. I believe in scrapping with honesty, life isn't always peaches and butterflies.

You can see a bit of a feature about me in the JBS Gazette.... but there's many better reasons to get your hands on it. This month's issue is filled with ideas and inspiration, including a Paint Dabber tutorial, hybrid scrapping creativity, Project Life, and much more!  To download your pdf copy, just click here... and enjoy!


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