Wednesday, March 28, 2012


I certainly wasn't surprised when I saw Moxie Fab World was doing a "Fascination with Feathers" challenge as I can see this is a real trend right now. I for one definitely love it, and instantly wanted to play along.

I know I only just recently shared a feathery card I made, and only wished I could have used it for this challenge as it's one of my recent favourites. But I took that same concept and used it to inspire some new cards instead.

Yes, I made these feathers from scratch! Just hand-drew a design I liked and glued some floral wire between two layers of them. It's simple enough that Munchy made her own along with me - it was some wonderful bonding mother and daughter scrapping time :-)

I then Glimmermisted to my hearts content (yes I think Glimmermisted should be a verb!) and smothered them in fine crystal glitter. The chipboard hearts are a cute touch, and it's mainly because I've got two more weddings coming up that I thought I could use these for so I had to add something a little more 'romantic' than feathers.

I only just realised I used my last feathery card for a wedding too. I wonder what it is about feathers that make me think they're appropriate wedding embellishments? Hhhhmmmmm....

And just to remind myself later of what Glimmermist colours I used, I took this photo too :-)
Key Lime Pie, Sapphire and Pink Taffy in case you're wondering!


  1. Hey Natalie! Thanks for linking this up to the Fascination with Feathers Challenge in the Moxie Fab World! I'm so glad you joined in on all the fun! :)


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