Thursday, March 8, 2012

They Won't Let you Remember

Lucky I've got quite a backlog of projects to share with you if I'm going to try and keep up with this daily Clavinblogging idea isn't it?
Still, I make no promises.

So this was last week's effort for my Scrap Write Now challenge on the forum. The whole idea behind this challenge is to encourage you to get more journaling onto your pages and to tell your story.

The story behind this page is how my Dad and brother went to Hong Kong last year and as part of the experience they each had a tailor-made suit fitted. The problem only came when they both wore their new suits to a family wedding a few months later and not only realised they looked identical to each other, but they no longer fit so well either!

Lately all our weekly themes at have been product focused, and for this challenge the key 'ingredient' was paint. There are so many different ways to add paint to your layouts, and they don't have to be scary at all :-) On my layout I used my JBS paint dabbers and a stencil to add some background details and I also swiped them across my white buttons for some coordinating colour. Using the paint dabbers means there's not even any mess to clean up!

I also cracked out my gesso to tone down some of the distracting bright background colours where I wanted to let my title stand out (for example) and those cute scissors which I cut with my Silhouette.


And while we're on the subject, here's little sneak into this weeks' RUBON challenge that I'm hosting at You can check out the full project here.

Calvinblog points for today: 1
Calvinball points for today: 2
Grand total: 9


  1. Love this Natalie - it made me smile. My 16 year old son went on a school trip to Vietnam last year and he and his friends all came back sporting nearly identical grey suits :)
    I love the title and all the details on your page. Oh, and I love those pint daubers too - all the fun and no mess whats not to love?


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