Wednesday, March 21, 2012

You Make Me Smile

My Munchy has such a big personality in her little body. She's loud and insistant and speaks her mind. She's bossy at times and sure can throw a tantrum! It's because she's so strong-willed and goes after exactly what she wants.
........I don't know where she gets that from ;-)

But she's also carrying a whole lot of love, and is overwhelmingly affectionate. She's not afraid to express that too. We sometimes have to remind her that not everyone wants to be hugged and kissed every time she sees them!!

When I spent my stint in the country last year the hospital also provided us with a cleaner that came once a week. She came for a couple of hours on a Thursday afternoon and Munchy struck up quite the friendship with her. All Munchy requires is someone who will talk to her really!!

But I guess I didn't quite realise how deep her affections run. When we were packing the moving van and saw our cleaner about to pay a visit to next door, Munchy quickly asked me if she could go and say goodbye to her. So off she ran whilst I watched from a distance. After a little chat she made to come back when she suddenly turned around and said "oh and there's one more thing......... I love you" and she flung her little arms around the knees of our cleaner and squeezed hard!

It sure did melt my heart.
A moment in time that I captured in the journaling on this page which I made with last year's Paper Moon kit from Studio Calico. I orignally thought this kit was too 'boyish' for me.... but it turns out I really enjoyed the bright primary colours here. It got a little painty and messy here, but much fun was had :-)

Calvinball points = 30


  1. What a CUTIE!! Love the white mist and your stitched title- FABULOUS!!

  2. stitching and doodling always looks great on your layouts...they are always look so bright and airy


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