Saturday, April 21, 2012

Live it up

Alright.... so I failed miserably.
When I promised to try and blog a whole heap this week I failed to take into account my work roster. Because in all honesty, 16 hour days all in a row are not really conducive to anything really apart from coming home and sleeping in between shifts.

I think I'm actually glad that I forgot that I was doing that until it was upon me. I'm glad I didn't have to dwell on that too much. And now I'll move on.... 'cos thank goodness that week is over. 

So in happier news, I discovered this forum called Soul Scrappers (and if you click on that link not only will you be taken to their site, but you might just find out some exciting and exclusive news!!)

I couldn't resist playing along with their card challenge last month which had us working with a wonderful teal, orange, yellow colour scheme. And a SPRING theme!! Love it!! So flowers and banners and these wonderful bright colours it was. Gee... even just blogging about it has cheered me up. Thanks Soul Scrappers :-)



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