Sunday, April 22, 2012

The Way We Were

Facebook hey? What a crazy thing.
No, I'm not about to start some rant about the evils of social media. I'm on Facebook as much as the next person. I think it's got lots of wonderful things to offer, along with some not so wonderful things.

Take the photos on this layout for example.
I was tagged in these photos by an old family friend who posted them on her status. That young girl in the back with the bright orange hair is clearly me. And I can quickly work out who the other kids are - my cousins and friends. 

But I have absolutely no memory of these events!

Despite that, I knew immediately I wanted to scrap them. Cherished people, wonderful times ..... so what if I don't remember this actual incident! I was obviously too young to have it stick with me. But never mind, this is proof I was there :-)

And surely it doesn't surprise you that despite no memories I still had sufficient journaling to have to hide it? I created a flap to open that had my first photo on the 'cover' and my second photo behind it. Then I journalled all over the back of the first photo. A great little trick when you've got lots to say about nothing.


  1. So beautiful LO! Somany interesting details! I love it!

  2. I think your LO is just great, it is beautiful.

  3. I LOVE your hinge...what joy, to be able to fill all that extra space with words!! Memory is a weird strange scrapping a memory-less memory:):)!!!!


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