Sunday, April 15, 2012

Summer Lovin'

Twine? Who doesn't have oodles of twine in their stash?!

The twine theme at was bound to be an easy one for people to join in with. I guess the trick for us as designers was going to be trying to use it in interesting ways.

To make it even trickier for me, my challenge for the twine week was a 'Scrap it Blind' which tends to get me thinking a bit more laterally (read: linear, graphic, straight lines....boring!) with my layouts as I know I have to describe to someone else how to put it together without any pictures.

As you can see, ultimately I went with using the twine as my sunrays, which doubled up as journaling lines. A little bit cute, and quirky.

Kinda like me ;-)



  1. I just love how you've journaled on the rays of sunshine- nicely done!


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